Discover the Difference

Manhattan Transfer has been serving the financial community for 25 years. Since our inception, our primary goal is to offer our issuers exceptional service at a reasonable price. Our reputation for this exceptional service is what has built our success. We understand the entrepreneurial spirit that you possess. We understand your drive for success. Our goal is simple: to assist you and your company to reach your maximum potential.

Discover the Manhattan Transfer Difference


We guarantee same day turnaround on all issuances, transfers, and legend removals.


Manhattan Transfer offers personal attention to each of our clients. The "superstore" transfer agents use assembly line processors, making it difficult to expedite and ensure timeliness.

Others cannot possibly compete with our level of dedication to each and every client. And because we do not have the huge operating costs that the "superstore" transfer agents have, we are able to keep your costs low.


Manhattan Transfer provides unlimited online access and real-time resources at no additional cost to you or your shareholders. We understand that the world doesn't stop turning when our office closes. With our Issuer and Shareholder Insight, online access is available when you need it. We also provide our issuers an after hours phone number to speak with a knowledgeable professional at any time.

We guarantee our staff and quality will exceed your expectations.